Le Catastine

Wine Pontedera farm holidays

From three large vineyards, excellent young wines are produced, suitable for all occasions: the local red, produced from the fermentation of Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Cannaiolo grapes. The harvest is done by hand, choosing carefully the best grapes. By harvesting in this way, there follows a traditional fermentation in red through maceration; subsequently, it rests for at least 2/3 months in steel vats, where the process is completed. The wine is of ruby colour and of intense perfume. The local white is obtained from Tuscan Trebbiano grapes, Malvasia di Candia and Tuscan Malvasia which are harvested by hand; the must from the first pressing, is left to rest in steel vats for at least 6/7 months, where the process is completed and clarified naturally. The wine is a straw colour, with intense perfumes. “Genuine and frank wine with fruity perfume; those at the table will marvel at the wine and will not forget to leave with some bottles of this wine” What is the secret of the quality of this wine? The land is part of the explanation, a unique mixture of calcareous marlstone which gives an unmistakeable character to the Sangiovese. Another part of the explanation is the climate: a combination of warm days and clear nights that has an enormous influence on the development of those aromas, an inebriating mix of fruit and flowers. At the end of the day, there are many other reasons: ventilation, altitude, the soil, the proximity to the sea, the presence of refreshing woods in the hotter parts of summer.