Le Catastine

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The first mention of Buti dates back to 1000AD and gives us a good picture of how the village was at that time. A centre encircled by many fortifications, called “castelli” (“castles”). Castello di Panicale, Castello di Farneta, Castello di S. Stefano in Cintoia, Castel di Nocco, Castel Tonini, Castel S. Giorgio, Castello di S. Agata. Now, Buti is a town comprised of two inhabited centres: Buti and Cascine, joined by a street that runs along Rio Magno and crosses “La Croce” (“the cross”). Along this way, departing from Cascine and looking to your right, you can make out Villa di Badia, the remains of an ancient monastery. This is the Abbey of Cintoia which reached a position of considerable prestige in the twelfth century when it was entrusted to the Brothers of Camaldolesi.