Le Catastine

Vinsanto Pontedera farm holidays

Is one of the products most tightly connected with the memory of our people, and evokes the image of the country, the rural world and farmer family. There was never a family who did not have in their home a bottle of vinsanto to offer to their guests. It has always been the symbol of friendship and hospitality: always offered to whoever visits; the first drink used whenever a toast is in order. The secret is in the drying: a process which requires time and patience. Ideal for the end of a meal (particularly with almond biscuits), thanks to the richness of aromas, its softness on the palate and its high alcoholic content (18°). It is during the drying and then in the keg that the long and still not fully understood biochemical reactions take place, that act upon the sugar and other properties, until obtaining a unique product. We produce small quantities: enough for our own consumption, to offer to or sell to our guests, as a precious nectar.